January 8, 2014

Alana Blanchard Surfer Girl Season 3 Starts

The new season of Alana Blanchard: Surfer Girl started yesterday, and it came out of the gate with a fair over reach in the video description… “The world’s most famous professional surfer.” Sure, she’s got a name but ‘most famous’? I believe one Mr. Slater might be more likely to hold that title, or Mr. Fanning, Ms. Gilmore, etc. etc. The first episode description goes on to talk about early stage tour setbacks for Alana which are covered briefly over shots of her in teeny-tiny bikini bottoms. And that’s how you get 30K views on a clip in a couple of days! But I know none of you read that last sentence, I lost you at teeny-tiny bikini’s huh?

by Dave