July 23, 2011

Forum’s Battle At Baw Baw Results!

I’ll have more photos and footage from the comp in the coming days but just quickly, here’s the results from Forum’s Battle At Baw Baw. Chris De Campo took out the win with Tom Pelley and Tim Laidlaw close behind. There was a tonne of great talent on display today and I think the judges would have had a tough job. Amazing day up there as well – so much fun. Check all the results below and check back for more in the coming days.

1 – Chris de Campo.
2 – Tom Pelley.
3 – Tim Laidlaw.

Best Trick:
Sean Ingham

1. Cam Staveley
2. Luke Staveley

Jo (I’m waiting on confirmation for surname on this one – will add it when I can)

by POP Magazine