December 30, 2011

Pop’s Top 10 Stories For 2011

Here’s the top 10 articles from the last year on Pop as voted by your mouse clicks. There was a few favorites from previous years that I’ve excluded but they deserve a mention – our interview with internet prankster David Thorne was right up there as well as last years swimwear issue. Anyway, here’s the top stories we published this year. Enjoy!

1. Nike Snowboard Launch Party
We were pretty damn stoked to be involved in the launch for Nike Snowboarding in Australia and got to plan a killer party held at Easey Street in Collingwood. The night included a full set dressed horror table mimicking the one in the Danny Kass commercial which made for some amazing photos.

2. Melbourne Indoor Snowpark Opening
Awesome idea and something we have all been waiting for. The option to ride year round on real snow was pretty exciting. The opening night photos were a hit.

3. Dew Hut Jam Gallery
Always a rad contest and always attracts an amazing set of riders. This year was no different.

4. Standing Sideways Sydney Premiere
Burton’s latest film packed out the Sydney premiere.

5. Alessandra Ambrosio Surfing in a Bikini
I get the feeling Google would have loved this one… the words ‘Alessandra Ambrosio’ and ‘bikini’ in the title.

6. Steve Berra Interview
One of skateboarding’s most controversial figures and he didn’t hold back in this interview. Steele Saunders spent hours with Berra talking the past, present and future of the sport. We released it in four parts with audio – well worth a read.

7. Art of Flight delayed release in Australia
One of the most anticipated snowboard films of all time and we were asked to wait months beyond the official release date to get it here in Australia. This got some people quite heated.

8. Erin McNaught interview
She’s funny, she rides and she looks pretty damn good in our photo shoot. No wonder this got a few hits.

9. Rick Howard Interview
A legend and an icon – another gem from Steele.

10. Muska Twitter Outburst
This was one of those stories that got more and more interesting. But that would be a tale for another time… This one was a top hit story when the Muska took to twitter to voice a little displeasure at some of the goings on at the Europe launch for the Skytop III. The tweets were pretty quickly removed but the screenshots remain.

by POP Magazine