January 10, 2012

UPDATE: Dyrdek To Buy Workshop?

UPDATE 12/1/2012:
Ha! This entertaining rumor turned out to have some truth in it. A message sent out from Burton’s HQ by Chief Operations Officer Mike Rees and posted on Boardistan said “While Rob’s message was definitely premature, we did want to confirm that we are in an open dialog with him about a possible purchase,” Rees said. “At this point, please note that nothing is confirmed, and we will absolutely do a formal announcement when and/or if that transition happens.” What’d you guys think – is this good for AWS?

This is a completely unconfirmed rumor scraped from the Slap boards this morning but someone on there is claiming to have spoken to Dyrdek who is talking about having purchased Alien Workshop from Burton. While I wouldn’t normally post a rumor this vague, it’s Dyrdek which means its entertaining… AWS has seen a bit of a resurgence since Burton took over a few years back and it would be an interesting turn if they chose to sell it now but if anyone was going to buy it, it should be Dyrdek. The guy has ridden for them since the world was black and white. Check out the full thread over here.

Just for fun, here’s Dyrdek’s part from Photosynthesis…

by POP Magazine