February 3, 2012

Holden Outerwear’s Rad SX-70

Holden has got an awesome collab happening – I’m sketchy on the exact details but they did create this amazing SX-70 camera. According to the release, “The SX-70 delivers lovely shallow depth of field instant photos and is known for it’s collapsible design, even compact enough to be pocketable (a mere 1” thickness to be exact).  The SX-70 features 116mm f8- f22 aperture lens, manual focus from infinity to 10.4,” automatic exposure and electronic shutter that does not require a battery (as the Holden X Impossible film packs include built in ones.)  Distinctively modest with clean lines and with a choice of either a black or white finish, the camera has been carefully reconditioned and recovered with custom wool and quilting details exceptionally designed by Holden.” Pretty damn rad.

by POP Magazine