March 26, 2012

Kate Upton Joins Skullcandy – Cans Puns A Plenty!

Kate Upton is on a mission in action sports at the moment. After last weeks appearance in this banned commercial for Zoo York, this week Skullcandy announced that she is the first signing to their supermodel crew. “I’m looking forward to working with the R&D team on developing some really amazing new and innovative technologies. I’ve got some ideas around some closed back designs to assist with noise attenuation – it’s not something I’ve seen companies pay a lot of attention to recently. Also some adjustments to the drivers helping both high and low end sounds to make a more all round product.” is something I’m sure she never said (read: I made this up), but maybe… just maybe. I’m not going to knock this trend, can’t wait to hear who the next signing is!

by POP Magazine