April 11, 2012

A/NZ Snowboarder Magazine Closed

Snowboarders final cover.

As Kynee mentioned in the Shoutbox, Australian and NZ Snowboarder Magazine (published by Morrison Media) is being closed. Of all the snowboard titles out there, I gave credit to Snowboarder for creating a magazine that gave a lot of riders their first magazine appearance and supported a lot of up and comers.

Rick Baker (co-founder of Pop) and his brother Drew had their first published photos in Snowboarder – Rick even had a cover. They were shot by Ryan Wilmot, the magazines most recent editor who left the publication earlier in the year.

Chris Boadle had his first shot in Snowboarder back when Cam Baranski was the editor, around 1999. Saph Farrel took the photo and it and it was a full page doing a boardslide at Buller.

Everyone I emailed for a memory on this has said the same thing, it’s sad to see it go. It’s a shame to see any snowboard title end, especially one that has been around for more than a decade. It’s also a scary sign for the industry – the snow media spread has thinned considerably for snowboarders and this will have an effect on photographers, writers and riders who will have fewer opportunities to be published.

For more info on the closure, head over here.

by POP Magazine