March 4, 2013

Kelly Slater Says Drug Use In Surfing ‘Rampant’

Photo: ASP

I know this may come as a shock to some of you but in the weekends Courier Mail, Kelly Slater has given an interview where he says that recreational drug use in surfing is ‘rampant’. The article goes into the ASP talk of testing (and the minimal follow up on that talk) as well as a bit about Andy Irons.

Slater is not sure that testing is the answer but I think the ASP should be reading this and saying “we will test those guys three times a day for the rest of their lives” because the minute another drug related incident happens in surfing, this article will be linked to over and over to show that they were pre-warned and didn’t act.

We’ve seen the backlash in surfing (and skating) when it looks like sponsors and organising body’s have ignored this sort of thing – lets not make the same mistake again. Read the whole story here (may be behind a paywall).

by POP Magazine