February 19, 2014

Pierre Vaultier Takes Gold In Mens SBX At Sochi

The mens boardercross went down yesterday evening after being delayed a day by the weather. The event was actually great watching – especially with three Australians in the mix – Chumpy Pullin, Cam Bolton and Jarryd Hughes.

Chumpy was the favourite going in but suffered a rough start to his run in the quarterfinals coming in fourth and failing to qualify. Hughes came in fifth in his quarterfinal and didn’t move forward but Bolton had an amazing run and took our first.

In Bolton’s semifinal he was up against two Italians, two French and an Austrian. He was having a really, really strong run until he was knocked over, and almost out, coming in fourth. He suffered a suspected broken wrist but he didn’t let that stop him from competing in the small final and taking eleventh place overall.

The gold went to Pierre Vaultier of France, Silver to Nikolay Olyunin of Russia who was very impressive in the lead up races and Alex Deibold from the US took bronze.

See all the finals results below.

Big Final
1. Pierre Vaultier
2. Nikolay Olyunin
3. Alex Deibold
4. Paul-Henri De Le Rue
5. Stian Sivertzen
6. Luca Matteotti

Small Final
7. Lucas Eguibar
8. Kevin Hill
9. Trevor Jacob
10. Hanno Douschan
11. Cameron Bolton
12. Omar Visintin

by Dave