March 7, 2014

Burton US Open Halfpipe Semis Results

The halfpipe semis for the US Open went down this morning (Aus time) and they were a pretty damn spectacular watch. The level of riding was awesome with the standout being first place getter Yiwei Zhang who’s second run, which only improved on his already winning score, included a method, front double 10, Cab double cork 10 indy to mute, front double 12, double barrel and a front 10 tail.

Taylor Gold and Ben Fergusson rounded out the top three. In the ten going through to the finals is Australian Kent Callister. Scotty James was in 10th place and set to go through until the second last run in which Louie Vito scored a 78.65 shooting him up to seventh place and knocking James out.

Kelly Clark took out the womens event with Queralt Castellet and Chloe Kim rounding out the three.

See below for all the crew going through to the finals airing over the weekend. All the broadcast times converted for Australian east cost time are available here.

Women’s Halfpipe Semi-Final Results
1. Kelly Clark
2. Queralt Castellet
3. Chloe Kim
4. Hannah Teter
5. Sophie Rodriguez
6. Rana Okada

Men’s Halfpipe Semi-Final Results
1. Yiwei Zhang
2. Taylor Gold
3. Ben Ferguson
4. Gabe Ferguson
5. Jake Pates
6. David Habluetzel
7. Louie Vito
8. Taku Hiraoka
9. Kent Callister
10. Christian Haller

by Dave