March 12, 2014

Burton US Open Halfpipe Finals Results

The finals for the halfpipe at the Burton US Open happened on Monday (Aus time) and there was some surprising results. Taylor Gold took out the win for a run that included a method air, front 12 Tail, double Michalchuk Melon, front double cork 10, indy, cab 10 roastbeef to crippler chickensalad. His run scored him an 87.63. He was joined on the podium by Taku Hiraoka who scored an 86.88 and David Habluetzel who came in at 83.23.

Australian Ken Callister was only 6 points off the podium. He came in at fifth with a 77.58 for a run that included a method, front 10 tail, cab double, cork 10 indy, double crippler 9, indy, finishing with a back cork 9 mute.

Chinese rider Yiwei Zhang, the surprise standout from the semis, could only manage tenth in the finals.

In the womens Kelly Clarke took gold with a run that included a front 10 indy, cab 7 mute, indy to mute, back 5 tail front 9 indy, backside air. She scored 89.33 for that. Queralt Castellet in second and Chloe Kim in third.

Photos above from the pipe competition by Jeff Patterson.

by Dave