June 17, 2014

BATB Pros Vs Joes Final Results

*Spoilers in here – don’t read if you don’t want to know*

The ‘Battle At The Berrics: Pros Versus Joes’ finals were released last night and it was the epic Cody Cepeda that triumphed over Luan Oliveira in pretty convincing style. Only a few weeks back he was pretty much an unknown but from his first game he showed a pretty incredible repertoire of tricks and that carried him through rounds against Sewa Kroketow, Tom Asta, Shane O’Neill and Trent McClung. He had some go-to manoeuvres that pushed a few guys, including Oliveira, into letters including pressure flips and  a few of those double flips. Head over to the Berrics and watch the full battle now – I was a bit sketchy on how this concept was going to play out but hats off to Berra and Koston, it was awesome.

by Dave