July 1, 2014

Street League 2014 – Chicago Stop Results

The first full tour stop for the 2014 Street League season happened in Chicago over the weekend.

Matt Berger, who came through from the Pro Open stop in L.A. the other week, again made it through to the finals and is definitely a bright future prospect – maybe not for his maiden season but once he has a little experience under the belt, he could pose a threat to the top of the table.

Probably not to the top of the table though as Nyjah Huston’s dominance of this competition continues. It was a tighter finish but in the end a full cab flip over the gap gave him an 8.7 jumping him from third to first skipping over  Shane O’Neill and Luan Oliveira.

Check out the full top eight below and a post win clip with Nyjah wrapping up the win.

Final Standings:
1st – Nyjah Huston
2nd – Luan Oliveira
3rd – Shane O’Neill
4th – Torey Pudwill
5th – Bastien Salabanzi
6th – Paul Rodriguez
7th – Matt Berger
8th – Tommy Sandoval

Nyjah Post Comp Clip

by Dave