July 4, 2014

Feel Good Friday: Keep On Pushin’

The Berrics and RED Cameras have a short film project underway called “REDirect”. Californian videographer Ricki Bedenbaugh‘s submission, Keep On Pushin’, from a couple weeks ago sums up Friday’s better than I ever could. You just gotta’ keep on pushin!

If you liked the above short, be sure to check out the behind the scenes clip here.

If you’re thinking ‘who was that?’ then here is a list of skaters in order of appearance:

Ray Barbee
Natas Kaupas
Matt Hensley
Pat Duffy
Eric Dressen
Kris Markovich
Salman Agah
Levi Brown
Stacy Lowery
Shiloh Greathouse
Chad Tim Tim
Rob Gonzalez
Danny Montoya
Collin Provost
Julian Davidson
Ryder Parker

by Rick