July 7, 2014

Burton Board Sells For $31K

Hat tip to Transworld on this one… A rare vintage 1977 Burton Experimental Prototype sold on Ebay for US$31,313.13 last week. The board was one of less than 100 made and this was gifted to its owner in payment for the guys using his hotel to make the early boards. It is apparently in completely original condition, no replaced parts at all, and it’s only been ridden a couple of times.

It’s 128.28cm long, by 20.32cm wide and with a 20.32cm aluminium fin at the back. Made from wood, metal, rubber, nylon and plastic – there’s an insight into the early days.

It’s awesome to see snowboard history getting some value into it and Jake Burton would be stoked that his early work is getting this kind of attention. View the listing here and the Transworld article here (few extra photos and bits of info there too).

by Dave