July 11, 2014

Danny Kass Takes The Reigns At Grenade

Danny Kass has written an open letter to let us all know that they have fired Grenade’s somewhat controversial CEO, Joseph Condorelli, as of June 17th and Kass will be stepping back into the leadership role.

Kass started the label in 2001 which had some pretty incredible growth for a while. In 2010, Condorelli came on board to basically turn that success into a real business and get it thriving. He attracted a lot of hate for being someone from outside of snowboarding and for a few things he did over his time there.

Kass acknowledges past mistakes early in the piece saying, “We have made a lot of mistakes throughout the years, and with a team of some of the best people in the industry we will be fixing and improving in all departments from everything we have learned. I am dedicating my time to ensure this happens, and am really excited to share with you our dedication to board sports and love for all things wild and crazy that Grenade was founded on.” And finishes by addressing a very common complaint from retailers in the US, “Yes!! we will be delivering on schedule!”

Where does this leave Kass’ snowboarding career? Not sure. He says this is an active daily role in the company and any organisation turning over the reported levels they are (Wikipedia says it was US$5.5 million a year in 2008), can’t have an absent leader. Will be interesting to see.

Head to Transworld Snow for the full letter.

by Dave