August 14, 2014

O’Neill Featured On Undercover Boss

This one caught me off guard – on Monday evening I happen to be flicking around channels and came across an episode of Undercover Boss that features none other than O’Neill. For those not familiar, this show appears to be some sort of scripted “reality” series. This episode stars Toby Bost, Americas CEO of the company. He dons a Tom Selleck style moustache, adds some grey to his hair and NOT A SINGLE GODAMN EMPLOYEE recognises him. Were this not setup, I’d pinpoint that as a management issue that needs addressing pretty quickly. Potentially they could send in an Undercover Board Member to suss things out on the exec level.

I’m not sure when this was filmed but there’s some funny observations… setting out to “get into retail” being a big one, cause from that point on you gotta think that a lot of the co-stars in this episode are enjoying other careers by now.

While I am absolutely poking fun at the brand for getting involved with this show, I have to say that internationally they have enjoyed a way better rep than they have in Australia in the past. But locally they have made big steps to correct that and have been looking really good recently. Will be interesting to see where the company heads… I just hope it’s not an episode of The Kardashians.

by Dave