August 20, 2014

Street League and ISF Team For Olympics

Street League has endorsed the Olympic Committee’s decision to appoint the ISF (International Skateboard Federation) as the official representative body for the sport. Street League will be working with ISF to set the standards of competition and bring the SLS Tour into the qualification process for the Olympics… Should it officially get in there.

Right now, skateboarding will be an exhibition sport at the Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing, China. From there the Olympics has a process to verify and then officially integrate the sport into the competition.

The ISF (and Street League now that they have thrown their weight behind it) definitely need to sit down and look at the process that snowboarding went through years ago – there’s a lot of mistakes to avoid and learnings that can help them… Not reaching a point where half the participants in the sport reject the idea of being involved with the Olympics is a good start.

For the full release, head over here.

by Dave