August 26, 2014

Nyjah Huston Wins Street League Super Crown

Nyjah Huston has continued his undefeated run at Street League taking out the season title over the weekend. It all came down to the last trick (which seems to be a theme in these comps) and Huston stomped a full cab flip into the bank for a 7.8 bumping him to the top of the table with Pudwill in second and Wair in third. There’s the full results below along with Nyjah’s post win interview and the highlights from the day.

1. Nyjah Huston 51.5
2. Torey Pudwill 48.9
3. Ishod Wair 48.5
4. Chaz Ortiz 42.2
5. Matt Berger 41.8
6. Paul Rodriguez 37.2
7. Luan Oliveira 8.9
8. Shane O’Neill 7.1

Super Crown Highlights

Nyjah Reacts To Undefeated Season

by Dave