October 13, 2014

The Anatomy Of An Ollie

Wired has run a rad little piece explaining the physics behind an ollie… Wait, don’t go. I swear it is interesting.

They took an ollie from the video above, shot at 1,000 frames per-second (side note – while this may have been shot at 1,000 fps, I don’t believe it’s being played back at that rate. Any film nerds out there agree?) by Adam Shomsky, then used an open source physics video analysis tool called Tracker to take a closer look.

I won’t go into a tonne of detail here, you should hit the full post for it, but take a look at the below gif, it shows the arcs from both sets of wheels and the centre point of the board. You can see it’s not a smooth arc and the article describes this as showing how a board is steered in flight as opposed to something purely gravity driven, like a soccer ball. This adds a lot to the complexity of what the rider is trying to do… So now consider the forces involved in the more complex tricks we’re seeing, and it gets crazy.


by Dave