December 17, 2014

Dew Tour Breck Results

Video: Chas Guldemond’s winning run

The Breckenridge Dew Tour happened last week with the finals going down on the weekend. Australian Scotty James scored third spot on the podium for pipe with a pretty stylish run. He was beaten by Taylor Gold and Yiwei Zhang, both of whom put down pretty epic runs (you can check the highlights in the video below).

The slope win went to Chas Guldemond with an impressive run including a switch double wildcat and cab 12. He was joined on the podium by Sebastian Toutant and Tyler Nicholson. Check out Chas’ run above.

Womens pipe went to Kelly Clark, Chloe Kim and Arielle Gold and slope to Jamie Anderson, Enni Rukajärvi and Christy Prior.

1. Taylor Gold
2. Yiwei Zhang
3. Scotty James

1. Chas Guldemond
2. Seb Toots
3. Tyler Nicholson

by Dave