January 5, 2015

Manboys Photobalm

This clip is way old (well, two weeks anyway) but I’m just assuming everyone has been doing the outside thing over the Christmas break and have been away from the internet. This is the last Manboys ep for 2014 besides the individual edits. The write up is great, “Several main characters are, spoiler alert, killed off in this episode. It’s a lot like the Game of Thrones but without any nudity or dragons or careful planning. Maybe that’s a problem. There should be more nudity?” As usual, it features Mark Sollors, Rusty Ockenden, Chris Rasman, Matt Belzile, Robjn Taylor and Jody Wachniak.

The song is Never by Hooray For Earth. On first watch a while back, I wasn’t that into it but re-watching this morning I’m actually really liking it.

by Dave