January 5, 2015

XON Connected Bindings Launch At CES

CES for 2015 is happening at the moment and one little snow innovation has popped up in the coverage. XON Snow-1 is a Japanese based company that has developed bindings with a set of sensors which can tell you about your weight distribution and flex through the board. The data can be viewed back as a recording – so at the moment, it’s not a live demonstration, but LEDs mounted in the bindings can give you real time feedback.

The company is not selling this as a coaching aid, but rather they say it is like, “… an instrument panel on a car; it provides a visual way to quantify what’s going on as you ride.” So, you would be giving up (presumably) good bindings in order to watch a replay of the equivalent of your cars tachometer over a short journey.

It also occurs to me that the ground variables in most instances would actually negate the data you’re viewing anyway. Still, take a look at the visuals the bindings output below.

Via Mashable.

by Dave