January 29, 2015

The Biggest Team Announcement No One Is Talking About

So, this kind of came up yesterday – Jeremy Jones is off the Burton team… But you wouldn’t know it if you were to check sites like Snowboarder and Transworld – they have both posted Pat Moore’s Blueprint clip where it is spoken about, but neither site has bothered to mention it in their write ups. This is the biggest team change in a long, long time. None of the smaller sites are mentioning it either… And I’m kinda lost as to why editors would ignore this?

Just a reminder of what Jones does… Re-watch his part from Follow Me Around:

What a song choice! And I can’t believe that was in 4:3. You can keep going with pretty much anything he’s done but let’s jump to last years Presents part:

That was only released eight weeks ago and there was no (public) indications then that he was on the way out at all.

This shouldn’t be read like an obit, more like a frustration with the snow media at the moment. How can a guy who has been prominently featured in major snowboarding films for years, and been so aligned to a single sponsor, have an announcement like this that goes un-reported?

As a final note, Jones has definitely got a few good years left in him. I certainly hope he finds a new home that gives him a good level of exposure and keeps him infront of the camera.

by Dave